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(Barnsley, near the A633)

Toast Henge

(Early Breakfast Period approx 7.00 am)

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In between expeditions,
Dr Phantom will explain all your burning questions,
for example...


'My washing machine
has a black hole in it – What sort of powder would you recommend?

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The University of Lake Balaton, Hungary Professor Adrien Farkas, seen top right, commented that:


'We have benefited from Dr Phantom's contribution to both teaching and research
here at Balaton and wish him well with his new publication'


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The Institute
of Further Egyptology,
South Yorkshire.

The Centre for High Energy Studies, California.

Ancient Pyramids found across Yorkshire...


Remains of the pyramids have been discovered by Dr Phantom on a recent field trip. They are located near to Betty's Tea Room in Harrogate, behind Leeds Bradford Airport, near to Asda superstore in Pudsey, behind Kirkstall Abbey and close by the Elland Road stadium.

Dr Phantom believes the ancient Egyptians, led by Tutankhamun, came to Yorkshire to set up holiday tours, with the pyramids acting as early guest houses.


Dr Phantom said,''We now
have an artists impression of what the pyramids would have looked like and a good idea of how they were designed as guest houses.
It's all very exciting!'. 


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His new book Almost Everything Explained – The Nearly Complete Guide to the Universe is now out and about and causing quite a stir. Dr Phantom explains how:


The world started and what to do when it ends
Life started in an office filing cabinet
Traffic wardens evolved from dinosaurs and where to
go on holiday in the Bronze Age


He proves the Ancient Egyptians came to Yorkshire in 1326 BC where Tutankhamun built the Valley of the Burger Kings near Barnsley... 


Starting with the Toast Age and the mighty Elevenses Empire – he gives a history of the world over a day's worth of meals


Dr Phantom's new book explains, well nearly everything.  So try the
short film – get the book – find out more about one of the greatest minds of this century!


According to Dr Phantom the world started 14 billion years ago as
an IKEA flat pack and, with Stephen Hawking, has devised the Wash
Dry Cycle of the Universe (a new Theory of Everything except woollen socks). Join this remarkable man on his journey to unravel the mysteries of the universe:


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