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The home on the side of Lake Balaton, to Dr and Mrs Phantom, the scientific research unit and
B 'n' B. (Cake Model).

Dr Phantom, a brilliant scientist and adventurer who has devised theories to explain everything (well, nearly everything).


Born in Eastern Europe in 1958, he now runs Phantom Towers,
a laboratory and guest house on the edge of Lake Balaton,
western Hungary. 


His early experiments were banned by the authorities but were recognised widely in the West as breaking new ground, much to the upset of Mrs Phantom.
'How can I run a guest house with so much noise?'
she lamented as early as 1988.


He visited England in the 1990s and was inspired by the British Museum, the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum.


His discovery of ancient Egyptian tombs near Barnsley has rocked the world of archaeology, and made him a popular, if controversial figure, renowned for his work.  He has presented his findings on the influence of bathroom design in galaxy formation at many international conferences and won critical acclaim.


Overwhelmed with the limelight, he has now hidden himself away conducting new research on Dark Matter in Phantom Towers.

What the critics say:


'This is the new Einstein'


'If you can not understand what Higgs Boson is or what the Hadron Collider is meant to be doing, then read his book!'


'From the Stone Age through to the Romans, the Anglo-Saxons, Baroque and Van Gogh - he uses meal times to explain how great cultures come and go’

Almost Everything Explained - Get your own copy now... Click here.

At Tea Time there were many new designs  of snacks, including Baroque
Kit Kat...

Dr Phantom reveals his
findings of the Wash-dry cycle
of the universe...

Built in late 1328 BC, The Valley Of The Burger Kings became a big attraction to the folk of South Yorkshire...

Phantom Towers at
night on the edge of
Lake Balaton.

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