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Almost Everything Explained - Get your own copy now... Click here.

Listen to our own songs...


Listen to Dr Phantom's own spectacular

"Phantom Rap"...



Listen to Mrs Phantom's song.. 'My Nice
Little Place"...



Listen to 'Prince
of the Night" about
Count Fang Tomb...







Introducing the Family...


Meet the Phantom family, who daily suport Dr Phantom with his extensive research into nearly everything...



Mrs Phantom

Born in Budapest in 1962, she met Dr Phantom at the University there while studying archaeology.  Fluent in six languages, she is widely travelled having visited Japan on many occasions. Following her PHD in 18th Dynasty Egyptian artefacts, she took up a lecturing post at the University of Lake Balaton and now heads up the Department of Ancient Studies. She also runs the guest house at Phantom Towers and keeps a close eye on Dr P!

Biker Beth

Beth Phantom teaches Advanced Mathematics at the Institute of Cosmology, Budapest.  She has been a close adviser to her father, Dr Phantom in developing key theories of the early universe and the design of supermarkets. Most weekends see her return from Budapest to Phantom Towers, racing around the lake on her Suzuki Hayabusa. Her wide interests including opera, is classically trained on the violin and also has a passion for traditional Hungarian music. Some nights she takes to the hills and can be seen swapping tunes with gypsy fiddlers until the early hours.

Taro the Zen Budhist Monk

Taro is Dr Phantom's research assistant at Phantom Towers and the adopted son of Dr and Mrs Phantom. They met him on a trip to Japan where he was living as a Zen Buddhist monk in a monastery near Kyoto. He had studied astro-physics at the University of Kyoto and as a monk has remarkable perception about how the universe works, often helping Dr Phantom to prepare research projects. He is shy, very polite and has a habit of blowing things up!

Count Fang Tomb

Count Fang Tomb lives in Wolf Castle, buried deep in the woods of eastern Hungary, just over the border from Transylvania...He has along ancestry that goes back centuries into a murky past. The Count has recently opened his castle to visitors and he is proving very popular with tourists. He is naturally charming and mischievous and always up to tricks. He is very proud of Dr Phantom, as rumour has it he is Dr Phantom's father, a claim the Phantom family are trying to keep quiet...hear more about the Count in a recently released  song called 'Prince of the Night'

We've been made into Cake!


To celebrate the launch of Almost Everything Explained, we've all been made into cake!

Please have a look at our cake selves below to check the resemblance...



Cake Model of Phantom Towers,

showing Dr Phantom working hard on his latest experiment
in his laborotory
on the second floor.

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